Do you want to FEEL more at EASE in your body
and CLEAR and CALM in your mind?

In today’s fast pace “do it now” world it’s just all too easy to end up feeling that life is nothing more than an endless stream of tasks to be juggled and a constant race to keep those spinning plates from crashing to the ground.
However, in bravely trying to struggle on we can actually be unwittingly damaging our emotional or physical health (or sometimes even both) which could well leave us feeling even worse.

Get back your zest for life!

If you’re looking for solution to life’s challenges then I believe my integrated approach to Health and Wellbeing could well help you discover exactly how to create and experience more health, balance and vitality in your life.
My approach to is not about sweating, ‘quick fixes’ or facing extreme experiences but is about developing an ongoing personal practice for your life, which really works for your body-type and your life style.


Yoga – It’s easier Than You Think!

The reality is you don’t need to be young, in shape, strong, or flexible to begin yoga.
My form of Yoga will benefit everyone, no matter what condition you’re in.
Simply put……. “If you’re able to breathe, you’re able to do KaranYoga”

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  • May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.–Native American Proverb